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  Bernhard Fröhlich 22b02eb679
Implement backup size for details and status lists 8 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 8c3dc0cc85
sftp/rsync/rsynczfs: Fix error handling for Pull 8 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 57c6112978
sftp/rsync/rsynczfs: Pull needs to properly stop when an error occurs 8 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b9f871a908
Bump version to 1.0.2-dev 8 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich c03a142ad4
Bump version to 1.0.1 8 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 5230101ee8
Improve README for Linux 8 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 15d624a23e
Add install notes for Linux 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 1e817e1378
Install ssbt to bin directory not sbin because it can easily be used 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich ccb4cb0387
Rename all functions to use "__" instead of "::" as separator to 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 510a128dbf
Cleanup Makefile and remove patch target 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 6f94403304
Add support for installing in PREFIX=/usr 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich a791423e49
Make sure IFS=\n is POSIX compatible 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 1e3330f262
Improve README to cover Linux as well 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich d6a095db03
Add extra target for dash compatibility fixes 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 2477504ed7
Fix date detection 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 8d66a3d0b6
Implement util::dateformat() for GNU date compatibility 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b0a424ed0e
Rename zsync+zfs to rsynczfs to avoid special characters in function names 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich a29ead2ddc
Create a wrapper for setenv to support dash 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 6f1c17787e
Linux compatibility to include $HOME/.ssbt.conf if it exists 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b826a75108
status: List machine FQDN in natural order 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 726d4def10
Update to 1.0.1-dev 9 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich f46211d45d
core::clean(): Fix limit calculation for keep_weekly and keep_daily 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 08bf1209c0
Fix keep_weekly in core::clean() to keep sundays backups as weekly backups 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 4a70eef095
Fix core::sftp::list() to ignore .ssbt.conf and .ssbt.log files 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich a865d3cc9e
Run rc startscript in background to avoid blocking startup of the system 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 7b37d909a3
Improve rsync+zfs precision for timestamp which is also used in the snapshot name 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 32f96f8e3f
Fix sorting order of snapshots for rsync+zfs 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 220c973789
Fix core::sftp::remove() because it did not use the full path 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b381d745ae
Fix file permissions for ssbt binary 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 067276a8da
Remove manpage until we have one 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich fb153bca9d
Make sure ssh is quiet at login 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 5909364aea
Bump version to 1.0.0. Hooray! \o/ 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich d23efd896c
Document init(8) startscript 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b4df76a952
Fix formatting 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 69b2f8ec6e
Add backup example script 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich be13b9f15f
Improve README 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 31aa35f10a
Update features and backup master setup 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 125e95f326
Improve core::details() to show all config parameters relevant for the current type 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 075163516f
Simplify config usage to always check global config if no host specific value is defined 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 02210c703e
Implement prepull_cmd/postpull_cmd which are run before and after a pull 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich f0abb74463
Implement rsync+zfs support by managing ZFS snapshots for the archive 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 2344a13126
Consistently use "remote_user" as value for the config and variable in code 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 1fcff5669f
Implement rsync(1) support 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 27691421c4
Fix missing variable assignment 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich d683a2f8fc
Improve function comments 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 938ccf34ac
Also refactor core::status() to use the new core::<type>::list() function 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich e124aa6249
Refactoring and preparations for future rsync support and also introduce 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 413906b0cd
Make sure that type="manual" is respected in core::clean() 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3c84bc8bbf
Add keep_weekly parameter for core::clean to keep one backup per week 1 year ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 39f7cf499c
Implement and integrate core::_statusdetails for host details 1 year ago