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  Bernhard Fröhlich 410fdc4ee5 Create README.md 4 years ago
  decke 7b20b8d187 - Improve stomp_free_client() 7 years ago
  decke 58c391f9a4 - Added checks for maximum Header and Request length 7 years ago
  decke 2b7cb8d042 - Implement leveldb_load_queue() 7 years ago
  decke 74800232ef - Introduce stomputil.c|h and add a few more queue functions 7 years ago
  decke 7272d877bc - Fix compiler warnings 7 years ago
  decke 2f2238e270 - Implement leveldb_add_message() 7 years ago
  decke e66020c07a - Make LevelDB stuff optional 7 years ago
  decke 3f01614f40 - RECEIPT header implemented 7 years ago
  decke 35871718bd - Also log to stdout per default 7 years ago
  decke 2a125da575 - Improve malloc/free codepaths 7 years ago
  decke e4fe1dc5e5 - Add logging and config handling code from rpdd 7 years ago
  decke f0c3375221 - Implement SEND command (not fully working yet) 7 years ago
  decke d969128ae1 - Various bugfixes 7 years ago
  decke 112fc9b61d - Correctly iterate over all response headers in stomp_handle_response() 7 years ago
  decke 7b47d39437 - Disable login per default 7 years ago
  decke 499b81765c - Login credentials are optional 7 years ago
  decke 009a01d7a3 - Shutdown socket after sending ERROR frame 7 years ago
  decke c31c18129e - Implement new Request/Response handling 7 years ago
  decke 59b999eed2 - Use correct line termination according to STOMP 1.0 protocol specification 7 years ago
  decke ce74336d7f - Add new response fields to client struct 7 years ago
  decke a809751e16 - Various bugfixes and request parsing improvements 7 years ago
  decke a0ca8e0d32 - Implement Stomp CONNECT, DISCONNECT 7 years ago
  decke 569b80979c - Further header parsing improvements 7 years ago
  decke 8ca69de8fb - Header parsing improvements 7 years ago
  decke 4546360d52 - Fix LDFLAGS to include libevent2 from the correct library path 7 years ago
  decke b5491d24e8 - Add header files 7 years ago
  decke ed0fdae57b - First round of refactoring 7 years ago
  decke 3ab40c2aaa - Implement Header parsing 7 years ago
  decke fecffb83c6 Redqueue is a simple libevent and LevelDB based 7 years ago