Custom FreeBSD Ports Overlay
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Bernhard Fröhlich 8a9a96c516
3 minuten geleden
benchmarks/hey benchmarks/hey: Remove symlink hack for requester in favour of GO_PKGNAME 4 maanden geleden
devel/kodi-platform devel/kodi-platform: Update to 20180302 6 maanden geleden
lang/micropython lang/micropython: Fix patch 1 maand geleden
mail/smtprelay mail/smtprelay: Improve pkg-descr 5 maanden geleden
multimedia multimedia/gerbera: Force rebuild 1 week geleden
net net/wireguard: Update to 0.0.20190601 3 weken geleden
ports-mgmt/caronade ports-mgmt/caronade: - Update to 0.2.0 - Use go:modules instead of manual GOFLAGS=-mod=vendor 3 minuten geleden
print/cloudprint print/cloudprint: Add port from official FreeBSD portstree 11 maanden geleden
security security/wazuh-agent: Fix order of MASTER_SITES 1 maand geleden
sysutils sysutils/docker-engine: Update TODO (we're equal now with what we had with 18.09) 2 uur geleden
www www/gitea: Update to 1.8.3 and merge changes from upstream port 59 minuten geleden
x11-themes/slim-freebsd-black-theme x11-themes/sddm-freebsd-black-theme: Remove from master branch 11 maanden geleden Add README 1 jaar geleden Update TODO 11 maanden geleden

decke@ FreeBSD Portstree

This is my custom FreeBSD ports overlay that I use for testing and development.

Do not use this portstree yourself unless you really know what you are doing.