Custom FreeBSD Ports Overlay
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Bernhard Fröhlich d8d30db113
www/gitea: Update to 1.7.2
il y a 3 jours
benchmarks/hey benchmarks/hey: Remove symlink hack for requester in favour of GO_PKGNAME il y a 3 semaines
devel/kodi-platform devel/kodi-platform: Update to 20180302 il y a 2 mois
mail/smtprelay mail/smtprelay: Improve pkg-descr il y a 1 mois
multimedia multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Merge upstream change il y a 3 semaines
net net/wireguard: Update to 0.0.20190123 il y a 3 semaines
print/cloudprint print/cloudprint: Add port from official FreeBSD portstree il y a 7 mois
sysutils/wtf sysutils/wtf: add warning for name conflict il y a 5 jours
www www/gitea: Update to 1.7.2 il y a 3 jours
x11-themes/slim-freebsd-black-theme x11-themes/sddm-freebsd-black-theme: Remove from master branch il y a 7 mois Add README il y a 8 mois Update TODO il y a 7 mois

decke@ FreeBSD Portstree

This is my custom FreeBSD ports overlay that I use for testing and development.

Do not use this portstree yourself unless you really know what you are doing.