411 Комити (master)

Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3a5d9732c0
net/wireguard-go: Sync port with upstream пре 2 недеља
  Bernhard Fröhlich a26e246925
net/wireguard-go: Update to 0.0.20190805 пре 2 недеља
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3be4815700
www/gitea: Update patch because git module was moved пре 2 недеља
  Bernhard Fröhlich fa6e527c11
www/gitea: Update to 1.9.0 пре 2 недеља
  Bernhard Fröhlich cb7f6f1520
sysutils/docker-engine: Update to 19.03.1 пре 3 недеља
  Bernhard Fröhlich ca9c99ff5e
sysutils/docker-engine: Update to 19.03.0 пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich 643147452f
misc/bluelife-config-graz: Add new port for common server configuration пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich 36a248d273
security/maltrail: пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich be797a3988
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-iptvsimple: Update to 3.5.8 пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich d9125a9d5a
net/wireguard: Update to 0.0.20190702 пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich f88fd6c256
security/maltrail: Update to 0.13 пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich b26181b5b4
sysutils/docker-engine: Remove IPTables and disable bridge driver пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich 2ee206d1bc
sysutils/docker-engine: Copy more implementations from Linux (utils was modified to remove Pdeathsig which is Linux only) пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich 8a2474c20a
sysutils/docker-engine: Copy more FreeBSD implementations from linux пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich 56b5ad1a0e
sysutils/docker-engine: Copy linux implementation пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich 8a9a96c516
ports-mgmt/caronade: пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich aa83db111c
www/gitea: Update to 1.8.3 and merge changes from upstream port пре 1 месец
  Bernhard Fröhlich 985b02933f
sysutils/docker-engine: Update TODO (we're equal now with what we had with 18.09) пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 0f7bf06766
sysutils/docker-engine: Fix build error because realChroot() is used пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich c891347c60
sysutils/docker-engine: Fix libcontainerd stub пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 43a29390c5
sysutils/docker-engine: Update TODO пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich bb525e3784
sysutils/docker-engine: Add FreeBSD stub пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 26d79d8694
sysutils/docker-engine: Update TODO пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 1efa338b8e
sysutils/docker-engine: Add various patches because Rdev is uint64 on FreeBSD пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich e32b568719
sysutils/docker-engine: Add TODO - contributions are welcome :) пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 42bab6d4e7
sysutils/docker-engine: Another patch for libcontainerd to have a FreeBSD implementation пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich eeff9bdd50
sysutils/docker-engine: Update to 19.03.0-rc3 пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich c95b961291
multimedia/gerbera: Force rebuild пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich d421c7a7f8
multimedia/kodi: Update to 18.2 (heavily based on multimedia/kodi-devel) пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 6791b29b1b
ports-mgmt/caronade: Bump PORTREVISION after rc.d fix пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich d39376fd07
multimedia/gerbera: Update to 1.3.2 пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 40f48dc688
net/wireguard: Update to 0.0.20190601 пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 163ba1049d
net/wireguard: Remove patch already included in latest snapshot пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 5b0b180c89
net/wireguard: Update to 0.0.20190531 пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 1d6fc9c510
www/gitea: Update to 1.8.2 пре 2 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich f99d574128
security/wazuh-agent: Fix order of MASTER_SITES пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3a91022326
security/wazuh-agent: Add distfiles which are usually downloaded during build пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 2d83b78eb4
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Fix pkg-plist пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 21715565f6
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Regenerate distfile пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 53cb9e30d5
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Update to 4.4.18 пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3bc7b94b1a
net/wireguard-go: Regenerate distfile пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich eb65a10d59
net/wireguard-go: Update to 0.0.20190517 пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich d14c43054c
security/wazuh-agent: Add missing curl dependency пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 04cb87925e
security/wazuh-agent: More fixes for poudriere пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich a4c194f871
security/wazuh-agent: Fix some poudriere errors пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 2cee8bac5d
lang/micropython: Fix patch пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3a56217403
lang/micropython: Add patches from old port to use our tools пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich d4bc38fb01 Merge branch 'master' of https://code.bluelife.at/decke/ports пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich 2c3e5e5bfc
security/wazuh-agent: Fix some portlint warnings and remove duplicate patch пре 3 месеци
  Bernhard Fröhlich e3b98f78bc
security/wazuh-agent: Add port пре 3 месеци