346 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bernhard Fröhlich 8562333135
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Update to 4.4.17 1 day ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 34d8bfb37b
multimedia/gerbera: Add Gerbera port for 1.3.1 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich acd83eb314
dns/stubby: Remove port because it will be enabled per default in dns/getdns soon 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 5407ed1374
dns/stubby: Fix pkg-plist issue 3 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 9977a99c0f
dns/stubby: Add Stubby DNS Privacy Daemon v0.2.6 3 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich efe15aecb0
www/gitea: Update to 1.7.6 4 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 18ffd98ab4
sysutils/docker-engine: Update to 18.09.5 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 385306ac7d
multimedia/tvheadend: Improve pkg-message to add IPTV note and tvheadend_flags="-C" for first start 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich c0b92a3e8f
net/wireguard-go: Update to 0.0.20190409 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3d1a584968
net/wireguard: Update to 0.0.20190406 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 4cadf5e839
net/boringtun: Remove because I cannot maintain this stuff 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich c8e833e3c9
net/boringtun: Update my MAINTAINER address 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 292d7e4183
net/boringtun: Add pkg-message and add RUN_DEPENDS on wireguard for wg-quick 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich bc9d1d6dc3
net/wireguard: Add support for alternate userspace implementations like boringtun 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich df2d077988
net/boringtun: Update to 0.2.0 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 31f67ceb2b
net/boringtun: Add early port for latest git commit + pull request #35 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich dec018c432
www/gitea: Update to 1.7.5 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 51bedda6a5
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Update to 4.4.16 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich f4d4347135
sysutils/docker-engine: Update to 18.09.4 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 62a48b9894
www/gitea: Update to 1.8.0-rc1 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 90e4d3eb0a
net/wireguard: Cherry pick 5d60f6beb5 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 32415a39b4
ports-mgmt/caronade: Add additional mirror site 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 32f70be560
ports-mgmt/caronade: Update to official 0.1.0 release 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 6bcf62ac24
ports-mgmt/caronade: Cosmetic fixes in rc.d file 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 4b8f5a2f25
net/wireguard: Fix uninitialized variable in rc.d script 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 2ad79acc9e
security/maltrail: Fix portlint warnings 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 85386cc002
www/gitea: Update to 1.7.4 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich a5030493f2
security/maltrail: Add update to 0.12 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 9617277344
sysutils/docker-engine: Improve patch 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 6e95429182
sysutils/docker-engine: Add more patches 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 7ead16f93c
sysutils/docker-engine: Add another patch 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 95f56fe4f5
sysutils/docker-freebsd: Add more patches 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 550dcd0230
sysutils/docker-engine: Fix buildkit because Unmount() syscall on FreeBSD does not support MNT_DETACH 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 9112c289f9
sysutils/docker-engine: Update to 18.09.3 to fix Go 1.12 compatibility 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 09bd2fd8e0
net/wireguard: Revert wg-quick change which broke localhost 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 5a021d60a9
www/gitea: Fix pkg-plist 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 9d4cc18ac2
www/gitea: Update to 1.7.3 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 1eb43a25fb
net/wireguard: Update to 0.0.20190227 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3fdb6ae91d
sysutils/docker-engine: Add docker engine port which is forked from moby 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 74e7f131b1
sysutils/docker-freebsd: Revert back to github.com/freebsd-docker/docker repo 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b7ff8fdae3
sysutils/docker-freebsd: Apply joneums patch v2 for 17.03.2-ce 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 15aca0b331
sysutils/docker-freebsd: Add port from upstream (20150625) 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 658aed6b35
ports-mgmt/caronade: Update to latest commit 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 5684030ac2
ports-mgmt/caronade: Update to latest commit 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 52bdf549c6
ports-mgmt/caronade: Remove rc.d script from pkg-plist 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 78211a32ae
ports-mgmt/caronade: Update after removal of statik 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 006b348cb6
ports-mgmt/caronade: Fix chdir in startscript 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3bdffbae7b
ports-mgmt/caronade: Add rc.d startscript and improve install 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich e07f62a16b
ports-mgmt/caronade: Update to latest commit 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 17533062ce
ports-mgmt/caronade: Add port but it still waits for a first release 1 month ago