296 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bernhard Fröhlich d8d30db113
www/gitea: Update to 1.7.2 3 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 4787667235
sysutils/wtf: add warning for name conflict 5 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich d6206e5c27
sysutils/wtf: Rename port directory 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich c170704a87
Add sysutils/wtfutil for miwi 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 11747c40aa
www/gitea: Update to 1.7.1 2 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich a6cd0b7dbc
benchmarks/hey: Remove symlink hack for requester in favour of GO_PKGNAME 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 6b54439cdc
benchmarks/hey: 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 076650ca33
benchmarks/hey: Add port from upstream 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich fcb117a409
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Merge upstream change 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich a2265c9cc3
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Update to 4.4.12 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 064900894c
net/wireguard: Update to 0.0.20190123 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich da056fc76a
www/gitea: Update to 1.7.0 3 weeks ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 8c205f2f22
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-iptvsimple: Update to 3.5.7 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich ee8ea548d5
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Update to 4.4.10 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b695d3e693
multimedia/dvb-apps: MFH r487789: Split out evdev headers from multimedia/v4l_compat 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 2003cae254
multimedia/dvb-apps: Fix build with GCC-based architectures 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3796cc4cd9
multimedia/tvheadend: Remove PORTREVISION (oops!) 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 96bd10177f
multimedia/tvheadend: Fix pkg-plist 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich ad6f245bae
multimedia/tvheadend: Update to 4.2.8 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich bbb6df9432
mail/smtprelay: Improve pkg-descr 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 84110ef400
mail/smtprelay: Add LOCAL distfile mirror 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 60b6cff271
mail/smtprelay: Revert last commit because it breaks our fragile system 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich ad1dd1e8f6
mail/smtprelay: Set DISTNAME explicitly as well to make it more clear 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich d95d2f0ea7
mail/smtprelay: use DISTVERSIONPREFIX 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 70a611e3ef
mail/smtprelay: Fix distfile handling and reenable rc subr 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 1b539b5592
www/gitea: Add patch to archive toplevel directory suffixed with tagname or commit id to match the filename 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich e7b7b6c8f0
www/gitea: Update to 1.7.0-rc2 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 9123b9ffb4
www/gitea: Update to 1.6.3 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b447508d4f
www/gitea: Add port from upstream 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 01569f99f2
mail/smtprelay: Remove startscript temporary. Collides with the source directory 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 2a09910abf
mail/smtprelay: Update to 1.2.0 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 099b338a3b
Cleanup repository 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich fbb84b0bdb
mail/smtprelay: Rename port and prepare for 1.2.0 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 9fae789e99
net/wireguard-go: Update to 0.0.20181222 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 03cdadd682
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Update to 4.4.6 1 month ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 57e8d9d70b
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Switch to kodi-devel dependency until Leia is committed 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich bfc954ece7
multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr-hts: Update to 4.4.5 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich c7d718e0e6
net/wireguard: Update to 0.0.20181218 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich d47a646590
mail/smtp-proxy: Update to 1.0.1 and add config file handling 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 8c40dd062e
mail/smtp-proxy: Add port for smtp-proxy 0.0.20181210 (5a67f9) 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich cd25882ca3
dns/dnsperf: Remove port because changes are committed upstream 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 06bac92244
mail/py-aiosmtpd: Add missing dependency on devel/py-atpublic 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b5af3427eb
mail/py-aiosmtpd: Update to 1.2 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 4f68b12e11
mail/py-aiosmtpd: Add port from upstream 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 87e3a21c48
multimedia/tvheadend: Add webui fixes for FreeBSD which are already upstream 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 32ebecb038
devel/kodi-platform: Update to 20180302 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 240a5172c1
multimedia/dtv-scan-tables: Update to 20180927 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 386705984e
Cleanup repository and remove stuff that is already upstreamed 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 45e789ab3e
www/gitea: Update to 1.6.0 2 months ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 467960a407
www/gitea: Add port from upstream 2 months ago