FunkFeuer Node Manager
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FunkFeuer Node Manager


Nodeman needs some dependencies that are fairly common so they need to be installed first.

There is a simple Makefile which will handle all of the required steps to download the PHP dependencies, generate the CSS files etc.


The only thing left to do is to create the SQLite Database tables and add some configuration.

sqlite share/nodeman.db
> .read share/schema.sql
> .q


For development we use phive which can download some CI tools (php-cs-fixer and phpstan).

There is a special make target which runs this CI tools.

make test

For testing and development you can use the builtin php webserver which is definitely not recommended for production use.

php -S localhost:80 index.php

For a production system please use nginx and the example config in share/nodeman.conf.

Then you can access nodeman via http://localhost/ and login as user admin with password admin.