DRM decrypting tool for Samsung TVs PVR
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Build Status



drmdecrypt is a tool to decrypt recorded files from Samsung TVs into standard transport stream format. There are multiple similar versions out there based on code from SamyGO and various people but they are all either slow, Windows specific, full of bugs or even all together.

This version is fast, POSIX compliant (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows (MinGW)) and is focused on a small number of useful features.


  • Reading title and channel from .inf file
  • Bulk decoding multiple files
  • AES-NI support (5x faster)


Usage: drmdecrypt [-dqvx][-k keyfile][-o outdir] infile.srf ...
   -d         Show debugging output
   -k keyfile Use custom key file instead of mdb
   -o outdir  Output directory
   -q         Be quiet. Only error output.
   -v         Version information
   -x         Disable AES-NI support

Building / Installing

make install

Support status

Samsung has changed the encryption of the PVR recordings a few times so here is a small overview of what the situation is right now. Situation might change over time.

Model year Status
C (2010) supported
D (2011) supported
E (2012) key file required (needs root) see #13
F (2013) key file required (needs root) see #13
H (2014) key file required (needs root) see #13
J (2015) unknown
K (2016) unknown
M (2017) unknown


  • default is BUFSIZ or better struct fstat blocksize
  • I/O write: write() + O_DIRECT + posix_memalign()
  • I/O read: fread(188) + setvbuf(32k+8, _IOFBF)
  • OpenMP for multiprocessing: #pragma omp parallel for schedule(static)