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  Bernhard Fröhlich 1b117d265c
Fix typo 1 day ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 8f2175fced
Refactor webhook code into his own function 1 day ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b858b8d0a4
Fix more lint warnings 1 day ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich e5e407a433
Fix formatting 1 day ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich f8b75e0dfa
Rewrite queue handling and introduce default_queues parameter 1 day ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 1f2a4f707b
Update our feature list 1 day ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 573657ccb7
Add portlint support 1 day ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 40b1ae853c
Restructure config a bit and create an environment map for variables passed to the worker recipe 1 day ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 86f81c3b6b
Improve make call and add recipes and isolate within the jail directory 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 86e520191d
Implement multiple queues to run parallel jobs 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 187773d1ee
Add more instructions to the config file 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 9654eb7a17
Implement config in yaml format 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3f7270b846
Enable building again 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich d0c019c944
Mention Makefile worker 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 0a30b317a5
Update README 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 0f08be52ee
Fix formatting 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich fdac18fe84
Remove appveyor 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich bb3cfe24d7
Update appveyor 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 16c1d0539b
Update appveyor 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 46022bf73d
Add appveyor 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3d241452a5
Improve TLS server implementation 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3dde1c8c42
Integrate HTTPS for our webserver 2 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich ba7146089c
Increase queue size to 10 which should be enough for most usecases 4 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 036e555999
Use "make all" per default 5 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 66934359e0
Add context "PortsCI" to status updates 5 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich f82020cb2b
Add support for GitHub webhooks 5 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich f1bb79f5c3
Ignore detached head message at checkout 5 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 81f5b1ca37
Enable building per default for all commits 5 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich f3d2312d56
Make sure JAIL variable is empty per default 5 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 457574b0e3
Add Makefile for poudriere 5 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 0a1f8be2a6
Implement Gitea status notification 5 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 975ffbae6f
Implement portname detection from commit message and CI tag for commit messages to enable/disable CI 6 days ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 3dee4853e0
Separate Job ID and Commit ID and pass both to the worker 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich b9f3bad859
Improve output 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich a7d68bf5e4
Fix waitgroup handling 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich a28036dbf2
Implement passing environment variables to our worker 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich bf97fd873e
Remove unused function and improve secret check 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 465dc6f6f1
Implement Gitea webhook parsing and introduce a waitgroup to fix logging 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich a1443ff77e
Add separate log directory for build logs 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich 324bc9c6db
Initial code drop with very limited functionality 1 week ago
  Bernhard Fröhlich e10436f039 Initial commit 1 week ago